For Your Health

Beetroot smoothie with gingerThe food you eat affects both your body and your mind.  At our retreats, we give you the opportunity to experience this first hand.  Our meals are specifically designed to detox your body and cleanse your mind.


The meals at our foundational retreats highlight raw food recipes.  Raw food means the food is never heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit/47 degrees Celcius. The benefits of raw food are many including a boost in your energy, more peaceful sleep, increased mental clarity, and for many, a general sense of peace, happiness, and well being.  Many of our meals are based on recipes by Flora Papadopoulou, one of the leading raw food chefs in Greece and author of Mediterranean Goes Raw.

For those with little or no experience with raw food

If you’ve never tried raw food, you are in for a treat.  The meals are delicious, fulfilling, and health supportive.  Flora describes the health benefits of the dishes at each meal and is available throughout the retreat to answer questions related to raw food.

And for those who are concerned that raw food might not be for them, we always have our retreats within walking distance of great restaurants and tavernas so you will have additional options (though we believe you will be more than happy with the food we serve).  While two of the meals each day highlight raw food, we also include cooked vegetarian as part of the food program.

For those with some or an advanced knowledge of raw food

Flora offers raw food demos throughout the retreat and the opportunity to work with her directly preparing the daily meals (if you so desire).  She goes through step by step how to make her most popular recipes and offers signed copies of her cookbook at the end of each retreat.  Check out a sample of just a few of the dishes served on our retreats.


More questions about the food? Check out our FAQ!