Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our philosophy is simple–come as you are.  We welcome people with all types of diets, physical abilities, and lifestyle preferences.  Our goal is to create an environment where you can explore some of the practices that have personally worked for us.

1)  I eat meat.  Can I come on this retreat?

Yes, everyone is welcome!  We provide vegetarian (typically raw, vegan) meals as part of the retreat. However, each retreat location has numerous tavernas and restaurants within walking distance. While we encourage you to participate in our meal program, you are welcome to eat where ever you would like.  Please note that taverna/ restaurant meals are not part of the retreat cost and must be paid for separately.


2)  My spouse/partner/friend wants to come but doesn’t want to participate in the yoga sessions. Can he or she come?

Yes, we offer a partner package in which your spouse/partner/friend can come on the retreat and participate in a more limited way. Contact us directly for details.


3)  I’ve never done yoga. Can I come on this retreat?

Yes! Our retreats feature kundalini yoga, a simple yet powerful yoga that can be practiced by anyone (if you can breathe, you can participate).  Each class includes modifications that allow beginners to participate alongside more experienced yogis.


4) I’m an experienced yogi.  Will I be bored in classes that are appropriate for beginners?

We tailor our classes to accommodate a spectrum of abilities.  Exercises include modifications for beginners and more strenuous options for more experienced yogis.  For example, an exercise might be held for 30 seconds by a beginner or for 60 seconds by someone more experienced.   We find this approach allows all abilities to participate side by side and get maximum benefit from the class.


5)  I’m a little uncomfortable traveling to a retreat with people I’ve never met.  Will there be any contact before the retreat?

Yes, Lynn or Flora will set up 10-15 minute Skype/telephone interviews with all of our attendees a couple of weeks prior to the retreat to ensure we have a sense of who you are and your needs/wants/concerns before you arrive.


6)  I’m am thinking of coming alone.  Will that be a problem?

Not at all.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to mix with the group or go off on your own, whatever you prefer.


7) I’d like to come but I don’t know if I can stay for a full week.  Are there options for me to come for a few days only?

Yes!  Please check out our Taste of Insight holidays. These holidays are structured for those who want a shorter holiday.