About Us

FloraFlora Papadopoulou is a leading raw food chef based in Athens, Greece and the author of Mediterranean Goes Raw.  After experiencing dramatic improvements in her own personal health with a raw food diet, Flora was inspired to share her experience and knowledge with others. In 2010, she published Mediterranean Goes Raw as guide to help people optimize their nutrition. Flora offers online health and detox programs to clients worldwide. She has adapted local Greek flavors and ingredients to produce nutritious and satisfying raw meals.

“The most important thing for me is  to share my nutrition knowledge with others and continue on my personal path of health. This has been a spiritual journey for me.  I’m completely motivated to continue on this path to reach my optimal health and fitness level so that I can be my own success story and share my success with others.”–Flora


head shot clearer Lynn Roulo is a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor who received her certification from the Guru Ram Das Ashram in San Francisco. She began her teaching experience at homeless shelters throughout San Francisco and started the Rasayan Center, a kundalini yoga studio in San Franciscoʼs financial district in 2009. In February of 2012, she relocated to Athens, Greece.   Not your typical yoga instructor, Lynn is also a United States CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and business consultant.  Lynn began her study of the Enneagram in 1995.  Her training includes the Enneagram Intensive, Foundations of Spiritual Method, and the Enneagram Typing Process.  While living in San Francisco, California, she spoke on numerous narrative tradition panels with facilitators including Helen Palmer and Peter O’Hanrahan.

“I came to Kundalini yoga during a difficult period in my life when I wanted change. I tried Kundalini yoga at the recommendation of a friend having no idea what it was. Each class made me feel better and eventually, I wanted to deepen my practice so I enrolled in the teacher training program. I now look back on that difficult period of my life and feel gratitude for the path it put me on. It was really the combination of the physical practice of Kundalini yoga and my prior study of the Enneagram that allowed me to make some big positive changes. I think when you combine an intellectual understanding of yourself, which you get through the Enneagram, and a strong nervous system, which you get through Kundalini yoga, you can make great leaps forward in your life.”–Lynn

Their story

Lynn and Flora met initially as language partners (Flora practicing her English, Lynn practicing her Greek).  Their language exchange meetings quickly developed into a deeper friendship as they learned they shared similar interests and philosophies.  In 2014, they joined forces to create Insight Holidays. The rest is history!